Gallery Policy

Creative Services

Gerhard Hillmann has been creating and selling his fine art photography artworks for over 25 years. He is able to offer high quality prints at very reasonable prices. By printing many of his images in his studio gallery he reduces production costs without compromising quality. These savings are passed onto the customer. In recent years he has established himself as a supplier of large scale feature artworks for peoples homes and work places. His work is in many private and public collections around the world. Working with clients on original  commisioned artworks is a highlight of his creative work.

Privacy & Safety

Because we value our customers’ privacy we treat all details with total confidentiality. No details shall be disclosed, in any unlawful manner, to any third party under any circumstances, without your prior written consent.If you have ‘opted in’ to receive updates in the form of our newsletter from us, these updates will only be via email. If you have placed an order with us, you will receive a confirmation email upon payment & we will send another email once the order is shipped. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or questions about your privacy.

Terms and Conditions

The artist makes every effort to ensure all the information contained on this site is up to date and accurate. Gerhard prepares and sends your artwork within 4 to 7 working days of you placing your order. Exception to this is Acrylic face mounts which take 7 to ten working days to send off. Artworks are delivered to you via Australia Post and require a signature on delivery. Larger artworks and delivered by a Courier service.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments