A selection of publications and interior design projects which feature some of my artworks. Click on images to enlarge.

Tablelander paper

Sunrise shadows image used in an article about an exhibition at the Atherton regional art gallery.

Cairns eye magazine

African tulip image printed on glass

Glass door which showcases an image i created called African tulip. Used in a showroom in Europe by Asahi glass company

Time out magazine

Article about the Cassoeary Country exhibition at the Cairns regional gallery in 2009

Art monthly publication

Review of the Cassowary country exhibition at cairns regional art gallery

Cassowary Country

catalogue of Cassowary Country exhibition

Book cover

artwork used on frontcover of a book by author Ross Heaven

Designs on glass

A selection of artworks used in display rooms for a glass company

Journey Book

Many Images used within this publication to compliment the articles.

interior design elements

More images used for interior design projects. Showcasing contemporary glass and artwork options

Mx Lifestyle magazine, Melbourne

A promotional article about an exhibition at Kickarts Gallery, Northcote, Melbourne, 2005

Ganga Girri Cd

16page colour booklet and cd design for well known australian musician Ganga Girri. I have designed many cds in the past for people, however this was the most satisfying project to work on.

Northcote leader newspaper, Melbourn

Article about an exhibitiuon at Kickarts gallery, Northcote, Melbourne

Earthdance festival flyer

A Earthdance festival flyer from melbounre

Phonoscope festival

One of two flyers i created for this outdoor music festival, I also created flyers and promotional material for many others including tribadelic and rainbow serpeant, Greenant records.

Glass book cover

A promotional booklet used by Asahi glass company

Connect magazine

A nature based holistic magazine from Cairns, North Queensland

Cosmic Camelion

Avantcard postcard, Sydney, Australia.

Entrance Magazine

An underground music art magazine, Melbourne

Global eyes publication, melbourne

A book produced in Melbourne which acknowledged artists from around the world who were involved in the underground music art scene.

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