title: Ulysses birdwing
medium: Fine art photography (organic photo montage)
printing: Archival pigment ink (epson k3) museum quality.
year: 2008

Available on traditional fine art paper ready to frame.

Canvas rolled in tube or stretched over an internal wooden frame.

Acrylic facemount for a more contemporary look

The Ulysses (Papilio ulysses) butterfly has a wingspan of about 14 cm. It inhabits the tropical rainforests of North Queensland. When in flight the butterfly can be seen hundreds of metres away as sudden iridescent electric blue flashes. The Cairns Birdwing (Ornithoptera euphorion) is Australia’s largest butterfly species, with females reaching a wingspan of up to 16 cm. Males are usually a few centimeters smaller and have a predominately black upper wing with emerald green flashes.

Uylsses Birdwing