title: Rainforestation

medium: Fine art photography (organic photo montage)

printing: Archival pigment ink (epson k3) museum quality.

year: 2009 

edition: limited edition of 50.

 (now selling number 34)

First exhibited in the cairns regional gallery as part of the cassowary country exhibition.


Available on traditional fine art paper ready to frame.
Canvas rolled in tube or stretched over an internal wooden frame.
Choose Acrylic facemount for a more modern contemporary look.


Immerse yourself in one of the most refreshing, abundant, colourful and mysterious places on earth.The rainforests support more than half of all living species with many more waiting to be discovered. Lungs of our existence, they are highly evolved and complex eco-systems we can’t live without. Tropical rain forests are known as the world’s largest pharmacy. Over one-quarter of modern medicines originate from its plants and still many more are yet to be discovered. This image contains the leaves of the Quandong tree, Hoya vine and golden orchid flowers. I also carved a cassowary into the large blue cassowary plum, which is surrounded by wait-a-while. A very colourful primary colour artwork that is breathing living colour.