title: Kingfisher

medium: Fine art photography (organic photo montage)

printing: Archival pigment ink (epson k3) museum quality.

year: 2012
edition: limited edition of 99.


Available on traditional fine art paper ready to frame.
Canvas rolled in tube or stretched over an internal wooden frame.
Choose Acrylic facemount for a more modern contemporary look.


Kingfisher, I spotted this little Sacred kingfisher fishing in the Normamby river, Cape York just after the wet season last year. I was fishing for Barramundi at the time with a friend, but spent more time photographing the abundant bird life than catching fish. This beautiful little bird was watching us patiently before we moved the boat close enough for me to get a shot. It was in a waterhole in Lakefield National park where years earlier a guy had been taken by a crocodile. These thoughts fill your head when you are dragging a tinnie through the shallow spots as you slowly sink into the mud.I love the birdlife in far North Queensland.


The sacred kingfisher (Todiramphus sanctus) is a medium sized kingfisher with a turquoise back, turquoise blue rump and tail, buff-white underparts and a broad cream collar. There is a broad black eye stripe extending from bill to nape of neck. This bird inhabits woodlands, mangroves, open eucalypt & melaleuca forest. It feeds on insects, fish, reptiles, small crustaceans & small rodents. Usually, a bird will sit on a low branch & wait for prey to pass by. It swoops down to grab the prey and returns to its perch to eat.