title: Birdwing Poincianna

medium: Fine art photography (organic photo montage)

printing: Archival pigment ink (epson k3) museum quality.

year: 2010
edition: limited edition of 120.


Available on traditional fine art paper ready to frame.
Canvas rolled in tube or stretched over an internal wooden frame.
Choose Acrylic facemount for a more modern contemporary look.


Birdwing, I created this image during the wet season, which is breeding time for the Birdwing butterfly (Ornithoptera priamus). The wet or rainy season is a time when the rainforest really comes alive. Colours are saturated andeverything is growing fast, food is plentiful and the whole place is pulsating with life. I wanted this artwork to be singing & moving & pulsating with life similiar to the forest which has inspired it. I like to think of this tropical artwork as a window into the natural world as vibrant birdwing butterflies move through the image, slowly revealing themselves as the more you look, the more you see. A summer celebration, full of buzzing colour.  A vivid reminder of how abundant life really is, This colourful feature peace designed to open up internal space as we listen with our eyes and allow ourselves to be absorbed into this colourful work. The Birdwing (Ornithoptera priamus) butterfly is also referred to as the Cairns Birdwing.The male birdwing is coloured in green gold and black. It is the largest species of butterfly found in Australia, where the female has a wingspan of 20cm. It has a slower, more relaxed flight than the Ulysses and it too is found in the rainforest clearings of the tropics. This image is designed for a large wall space. think of a window opening up your space.

Birdwing Poincianna