title: Birds eye view

medium: Fine art photography (organic photo montage)

printing: Archival pigment ink (epson k3) museum quality.

year: 2017

Available on traditional fine art paper ready to frame.
Canvas rolled in tube or stretched over an internal wooden frame.
Choose Acrylic facemount for a more modern contemporary look.


Birds eye view is a bird watchers dream. A visual meomory of close encounters of the feathery kind. This is a combination of colourful creatures photographed in a forest scene and blended with layers of forest light and pigment. Many of these birds featured here often go unnoticed unless you are patient and stay still long enough to let them move and appear. The colour of many birds helps them blend into their environment seamlessly. Lucky for us some have distinctive vibrant colours which help us see them.


In Australia the male Australian King-Parrot is the only parrot with a full redhead. Because of their colour King Parrots are often seen in rainforests and wetschlerophyll forests, where they feed on seeds and fruits of the forests. While I am out photographing birds I make an effort to be in the right place at the right time.This often means very early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Also, being aware of fruiting or flowering trees and changing weather conditions helps locate particular species. However, more often than not luck is involved for chance encounters with rare and elusive birds. For me the morning song alone is enough reason to get up early. Later in the day forest birds can be a bit hard to spot but remember they nearly always see you first, which makes it a Birds eye view.


Birds eye view