Printing Process

The artworks featured on this website are printed using large format Epson Printers and genuine Epson K3 pigment inks.I do all of the printing of the canvas and fine art paper prints in my studio gallery in Kuranda. The acrylic facemount prints are printed and prepared in Port Douglas by Imagebank.Only the highest quality papers and inks are used to guarantee museum quality and longevity. Every limited edition print comes with a registered certificate of Authenticity.


Printing Process.
Giclee (zhee-klay) prints are created using professional large-format ink-jet printers.
This printing process provides accurate color & the quality of these prints rival traditional silver-halide & gelatin printing techniques. Giclee prints are incredibly detailed and highly sought after in the contemporary fine art market. Many are found in museums, galleries and public collections around the world. They are beneficial to artists who do not want to mass produce their work & release very high quality collectable editions.

Fine Art Paper.
Moab entrada rag bright 290 gsm art paper.  This is “THE” paper for photographic reproduction. Entrada is the personification of America’s very own photo rag and simply makes others look second rate. Entrada’s triple coating gives images a dimensional quality that nothing else matches. Entrada Rag Bright is a double-sided awardwinning art paper made of 100% cotton and exhibits a bright surface to bring your vision to life. This naturally acid- and lignin-free paper offers an expanded color gamut, maximum contrast and high ink load that is compatible with both dye and pigment inks.

Archival Canvas.

Heavy duty acid free premium canvas is always used to guarantee quality and longevity.
The Canvas prints are available as rolled prints with a gallery wrap on the edges or stretched over an internal frame, ready to hang. The archival canvas prints are also double coated with a high quality archival clear varnish finish. This extra layer of protection is designed to ensure the artwork stays looking good on your wall for a very long time.

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