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Symbiosis Collection 2003

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

This collection was first exhibited at Wabi Sabi, Fitzroy, Melbourne, 2003.
 It has also been exhibited at the Cheese Factory Gallery in the same year.

I have included some images from this series to show where I really started creating fine art images and my artistic style many years ago. It feels I spent a lifetime in the underground music and art festival scene around the world. Creating promotional material in the form of posts, flyers and music cd designs. I also spent a lot of time mixing live visuals synchronised to music for a dancing audience. Although I do not do this anymore I still find the challenge of creating still images with a sense of movement and depth is a direct result of these earlier experiences.

This Image was created for the cover of an album called ozoneman by Jerome Lyons at the Cheese Factory Studio Gallery in Adelaide. It comprises of his portrait split to show the two sides of the human creativity.
Tribal tech cd cover

In this silence, 1000 symphony orchestras play and visions ignite in between internal / external breaths. An ambient journey between two storms has begun, parting the fog on the horizon and allowing true vision to penetrate the atmosphere. Elevated emotions and a heightened sense of awareness flicker through the morphing, evolving clouds of change as the sensation of the mystical absorbs us once again.This truly is one of the most amazing things we can experience as humans and to realise the interconnectedness of everyone and everything provides a timeless, fleeting moment of understanding.

This image is created using afreshwater crocodile skin, fish bones (salmon) found on browns beach (Yorke Peninsula, South Australia and a single mushroom which represents self. By peeling away the skin and bones the pure spirit is revealed. This picture is about being honest to yourself and others, integrity. balance and the organic impermanent nature of existence. based on the Illusion of self and ego,
Skin n bones

Head in the clouds and feet on the ground, I believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Like creatures from the deep I present glimpses of a world which attempt to spark the imagination in people and take them to a place they have been before, but don’t quite remember until they are there. A timeless place of origins, where it all began and continues to grow in abstract languages, unlimited spectrums and possibilities allow your imagination run free and remember its as real as you want it to be.This series has been Influenced by artists Alex Grey and  James Gleeson and also the underground sub-cultures of the world which dance to the natural rhythms of our planet and beyond.

Reminiscent of stained glass windows, Green Ant is all about appreciating beauty in the smaller things in life. In the centre is a flying green ant which is made up of insects, sea-creatures and various textures I have collected. Very intricate in detail and bold in colour it is a celebration of the psychedelic nature. This Greenant features on the cover of "Ambiant Beats" cd from greenant records who have become well known for the Rainbow Serpeant Festival held each year in Victiria, Australia.
Greenant, RSF, Melbourne

Review by Rak Razaam 2007

Rak Razam is a freelance writer & media provocateur specializing in writing and editing books (fiction and non-fiction); scripts for the screen and feature articles. He is a founding editor of Undergrowth, Australia’s leading online counterculture arts & literature magazine.

Another image which started out as a pencil drawing which was filled in with natural organic textures
Cosmic camelion Avantcard, Sydney

speaks to us-not in the pitched cries or cramped scrawls that we humans call language- but in a visual language made of nature itself. The way a leaf falls and a cloud rolls, the timing of the sun rising above a cliff, or a storm breaking across water — all this and more is the secret language of the world and if you have the eyes to see it, you can speak it.

Creatued using a single seashell front and back
Inshell out

If you don’t have those eyes, the next best thing to do is to look, and appreciate, and grok the visual wizardry of Gerhard Hillmann. His lush, organic textures show us a world where nature speaks, where beauty and geometry can be found in the crease of a butterfly’s wings, the shape of a shell or the bloom of the vegetal world. In artwork collections such as “Texture in Time”, Hillmann juxtaposes organic textures with subtle and psychedelic layering, showing the true secret of nature, the sacred consciousness that creates, sustains and amazes. Hillmann’s work shows a maturity of intent that is executed with a refreshing subtlety. In his recent series — “Urban Beleaf” — he weaves in political, social and technological images that comment on the refugee problem, consumerism, the fear generated by the war on terror and much more onto the organic surface of leaves, counterpointing our human concerns upon organic canvases.

Mushroom dreaming

Much of his earlier work, including the seminal “Symbiosis” collection, focuses on hallucinogenic vistas that montage the natural world with the man made. The skin of a snake. A sunflower with its petals picked off. A mushroom tree of life. Sea urchins – it’s as if Hillman gets inside the point of view of earth’s creatures and looks out of their eyes they way they see the world in all it’s fractaling, infinite beauty, and then he serves it up on a canvas.

This image is based on the ancient tree of life which is used throughout many cultures as a means to access higher states of conciousness. It is closely linked to an ancient study of philosophical mysticism called Kabbalah. This architecture of sacred geometry is exhibited in the human body and allows us to learn about the balance of opposing forces.
Tree of life

Hillmann’s photography and digital artwork is beyond linguistics, and compresses in the catch of an eye what would take an eternity to express. It is something to be seen, digested, and remembered as it spreads its visual message through you. And then maybe you too, will speak the language of the world…

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