Acrylic Wall Mounts

Acrylic Wall Mounts

Acrylic facemounts are a modern thin design which is designed to sit flush against your wall. They have a high gloss acrylic finish, sleek and frameless edges. They are the modern way to present photographic prints, reproduction artworks on photographic paper.The process of making Acrylic Photos can also be known as Diasec or Acrylic face mounting.

Acrylic Wall Mounts – Materials

  • Epson™ Stylus PRO Printers.

  • Epson™ Genuine Ultrachrome HDR Inks.

  • Epson™ gloss professional 250gsm paper.

  • 6mm plexiglass™ acrylic prints (30yr guarantee)

  • 3mm Diabond™ composite backing

Acrylic Wallmounts – Hanging & Finishing
All the edges on the acrylic prints are diamond polished to give an unparalleled finish.Concealed aluminium hanging rails are fixed to the back of your acrylic wall mount.The size of the rail is between 5mm and 15mm variable on the size and weight of your acrylic print.The finished product can also come under many different names such as; acrylic prints, acrylic wall mounts and perspex framing.

Mounting a photographic print to acrylic is a specialised process. Firstly the quality of the photographic papers used and how they work with or react to the other materials in the process.The glue which adheres the photo to the acrylic comes in many different grades and price is usually a good indication to quality.Acrylic is also a product that has many different brands and grades. Plexigalss is the brand we use and it is a good quality acrylic with a 30 year Guarantee.There are many other brands used in acrylic face mounting.Next is the backing of your acrylic print, like everything else in the diasec process there are many different materials used.We use a high quality composite panel with comes under many brands and grades. It is made of a plastic inner and coated with two thin layers of aluminium for strength and durability.The materials used in the acrylic framing process above are only the ingredients to an even trickier process in production. Like cooking, there are many small intricate details in mounting a photographic print to acrylic perfectly. Dust, small scratches, air bubbles and delaminating are all road bumps to a perfectly mounted Acrylic photo.


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